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We at CrossFit PBA are a community of friendly and like-minded individuals who have made the decision to invest 100% into our health and fitness. Us, as your coaches, put together a program centered in CrossFit methodology. Using constantly varied, functional movements, you, our athletes, will push yourselves to new heights that you thought may not have been possible to reach. Make no mistake; this is going to be hard, because there are no shortcuts to achieving fitness. Tough times lay ahead but with the help of our coaches and the cheers from your fellow athletes you will find the strength to push through. It is our hope that you will be able to take the lessons learned training with us, and apply them to all other aspects of your life.

Form above all else and community, that signifies what we do and who we are.

First and foremost, our responsibility is to you and your safety. It is the goal of our coaches to continually educate ourselves in CrossFit methodology so that we are programming and putting you in the proper positions to succeed. Your fitness goals are our priority and that is something we never lose sight of. When you struggle we will be there to give you that high five or couple words of encouragement.The beautiful thing about CrossFit is that it’s not only us who will be doing this but also the people who scratch, claw and fight beside you. These are your brothers, sisters and friends. That what separates what we do from your local “Globo Gym. ” You’ll walk into an environment of people who genuinely care how you’re doing and want you to perform well. We spend time with each other outside the box whether it is organized functions or an impromptu hangout session.

We at CrossFit PBA are a community,
...a community of CrossFitters.


850 13th Street, Lake Park, FL 33403